Krista Strikes A Deal with Noubikko

By: Rob Krager
For : Paris Examiner
Date Added : September 3, 2013
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SAN FRANCISCO), CA--(September 3, 2013) – Striking a deal with Noubikko in the fashion world seemed ambitious. But with back to school just around the corner, many college fashionistas likely have class schedules and textbooks on the mind but fashion often takes a backseat. Branding with a serious youthful-corporate-look is surely the trend. College is not just about immersing oneself in studies. It is also a time to experience new things and fashion takes the lead.  Since first impressions count, looking good is just as important.

KRISTA is the answer.  KRISTA is the new inspired collection from Noubikko which is set to be in the racks soon.  Even though college students may have a full class schedule, fashion is essential for optimal bodily function and how many styles should one have daily should be anwered with the word “several”, Krista said.  Fashionistas like to change and if budget permits, its a necessity to feel good, she quips.  This applies specially to student.

Fashion is a woman thing and fashionable wardrobe will help one stand out -- in a good way. Fashion inspired by Noubikko  have not been discussed with Krista in full detail but Krista said its an open option for many she have in mind for the coming season.

I am inspired with the way Noubikko carries his fashion forecast, Krista said.  Simple lines with natural flow is elegant. Noubikko
 does not only explore ways in which fashionistas can look sharp this coming season but forecast how they wanted to look in the next coming season. I like that, she said.

The right products and regimen for fashionable lifestyle should include some key elements -- like efficiency, quality and effectiveness, Noubikko always says.   A well-thought fashion goes beyond a good style. So, knowing how and when to use fashion is the key to beautiful lifestyle. Learn the ins and outs of fashion and your choices becomes ageless, no matter what age bracket do you belong. 

In the new inspired collection by  KRISTA both designers confirmed with thumbs up.


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